Complete guide

You should read this guide if you intent to develop models using the DANA computing framework and especially if your models belong to the computational neuroscience domain. DANA is a python library and depends heavily on external library such as numpy and scipy. However, this guide does not provide a tutorial to the python language neither an introduction to the numpy/scipy libraries. If you're unfamiliar with both of them, you'encouraged to document yourself first by considering external resources for both python, numpy and scipy.

The dana handbook.

Quick start

Getting started with a new library or framework can be daunting, especially when presented with a large amount of reference material to read. This chapter gives a very quick introduction to dana without covering any of the details.

A quickstart to dana for the impatients.

API Reference

Most of the application programming inteface can be read directly from a terminal session:

$ pydoc dana.Group

or from within a python/ipython session:

>>> import dana
>>> help(dana.Group)

This chapter is only a direct transcription of these documentation.

Application programming interface available from here.


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